Anderson Rocketech vs. Anderson Rocketflex

Anderson Bat Company has two amazing fastpitch softball bats on offer this year. One bat is an all alloy, -9, end loaded slugger while the other is a -10, balanced weighted, hybrid power bat.

First up is the long time legend, Anderson Rocketech fastpitch bat. The Rocketech has been one of fastpitch softballs best power bats for a decade now. Built from %100 America alloy, the Rocketech is an end- loaded, double walled bat with a drop 9 swing weight. Starting with a one piece alloy body an external alloy wall is added to the barrel of the Rocketech for added pop. Air pockets are left between the two barrel walls that create outstanding levels of trampoline effect to the ball on contact resulting in amazing power. With a stiff tight squeeze handle, tight grips and a pro end-cap the 2013 Anderson Rocketech fastpitch bat is a sure win for all big hitters.

Next up is the all new 2013 Anderson Rocketflex fastpitch bat. The Rocketflex is a hybrid, balanced weighted bat with a drop 9 swing weight. The Rocketflex has the same double wall, alloy barrel as the Rocketech with a super light, super stiff composite handle. The barrel to bat connection allows for the barrel to lag behind the handle on the swing creating a rubber band effect as the barrel snaps forward on contact. The Rocketflex is the perfect answer for girls who want the power of the Rocketech in a lighter swinging bat.

Both of these proper sluggers are available now at and are backed by a full 12 month manufacturer’s warranty.